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There are many new eCommerce sites every day, but not all become famous and successful. It is because not everyone can build a suitable marketing strategy. No matter how perfect your commodity is, it will not sell well if no one knows. It is not enough to advertise in newspapers or on television; such measures have long been outdated.


The eCommerce website must be SEO-optimized. What does it mean? When they want to buy something or get some service, most go to Google or another search engine and enter their request. Next, it analyzes which media suit the user’s query and gives its rating. The purchase probability increases if your site is in the top ten.

SEO s main task is making your platform like Google. This is a rather complicated process that involves constant work. There are 2 types of optimization – external and internal. First, you must build a user-friendly and gorgeous eCommerce website with helpful content where men to find everything they need. It is perfect to constantly update your site, add commodities or create a blog to publish beneficial articles related to your topic. It makes sense to move on to external once you do internal optimization.

According to search engines, if eCommerce has many links, users like them. Thus, you should constantly publish articles with links to your site on various other media. The number of such links per month depends on your competitors’ activity. Some novice SEO experts believe that the more links you place, the better, but practice shows that excessive activity frightens off Google. Our experts study the activities of competitors in advance, determine how many links they place during the month, and build a link plan where the number of placements grows gradually.

Our experts lend a hand you build the most profitable SEO strategy and get your site in the top ten results. Optimizing your website ensures long-term customer acquisition. SEO optimization is a rather long and complex process that takes a lot of time, which is why marketing involves using other methods of attracting traffic, such as PPC ads or messages on social networks.


If you have a relatively young eCommerce, your marketing strategy should include PPC. What is it? This abbreviation stands for Pay per click; this is the type of advertising where you pay not for publication but for a click. It is used in contextual advertising for promotion:

  • In search engines results;
  • In teaser networks;
  • On partner sites (ads are also placed on hundreds of websites that are not owned by Google but are partners);
  • In mobile apps;
  • Inside the video on YouTube and partner networks.

As an advertisement, you can place a link to the site’s main page and individual product cards. The main goal of PPC is to optimize the budget and attract more people interested in your commodities, and increase turnover and the number of orders with target indicators of profitability, CRR, and order volume. Such advertising is viral because it allows you to manage your budget as efficiently as possible. This type of marketing your eCommerce allows you to pay not for placing ads (a considerable number of users can just watch ads but not go to the site) but for attracting potential customers.

Setting up PPC is very easy on various media, including Google. Our specialists lend a hand to your eCommerce to develop a marketing plan that helps attract additional traffic to your website.

Social media

Digital marketing should include building an active media community. eCommerce must create accounts on popular social networks (Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and others). You are able to publish information about new promotions and special offers, products, or services here. It lets you quickly inform them about goods and attract additional traffic.

An active media community allows you to increase your brand awareness. If your eCommerce also has a land-based point of sale, you are able to notice an increase in customers and online sales.

When compiling a marketing plan for eCommerce, involve an SMM specialist who tells you how to quickly and easily build a large and, most importantly, active audience, what you should pay attention to, and how to make your commodity more popular on social networks.

You also need to pay attention to the choice of media. Today’s variety of social networks is enormous, so you must prefer platforms that suit your topic. If you sell computer components, there are more profitable solutions than Instagram, but it shows promising results in cosmetology.

Content marketing

The main task of marketing strategies is to tell many potential customers about your project. This type of marketing can be beneficial for your eCommerce. It involves disseminating information about you on various platforms – blogs, news, data platforms, social networks, mailing lists, videos, and much more. Such content can also include videos of unpacking your product, information about charitable projects in which you took part (if any), promos, and much more.

All marketing strategies say that the more data about your eCommerce website is on the Internet, the more successful you may be. Making and posting content is quite expensive, so it is worth ensuring that your information is posted on platforms your potential clients can use. Publishing text or video in an online car magazine makes no sense if you have an online store selling seeds or plants.

It is crucial to pay more attention to the quality of your content. It should be helpful for the user, have a beautiful design, and carry a semantic load. Some companies are limited to textual context, but making seen materials and more eye-catching pictures is best. The more consistent and varied your content, the better. Try to look for newsbreaks, which allow you to find topics for discussion.

If you need a marketing plan for your eCommerce, your specialists analyze your platform and make it more successful.

Email marketing

Email marketing is viral in eCommerce. It does not require high financial costs. You must write and send a sales copy to your clients. Secondly, it helps to stimulate a person to act better and tell them about promos or special offers.

If a person visits your eCommerce website and adds an item to their cart but doesn’t do a purchase, you can use email marketing to remind them to complete the purchase. In addition, projects provide discounts or develop special birthday offers for people, encouraging them to purchase.

It is worth resorting to this type of message in such cases:

  • New data, commodity, or promo has appeared on your platform;
  • holidays are approaching (birthday, New Year, Christmas, Black Friday, and others);
  • the client, for some reason, refused to purchase goods, although he had already added this to the shopping cart.

In addition, email marketing for eCommerce also increases brand awareness and reminds the client about your project every time. The main feature of the mailing list is that it allows you to build a personalized approach if you show your concern for clients and interest in cooperation.


As you see, marketing for eCommerce is a very complex and multicomponent process that requires specific knowledge and skills and involves the involvement of various specialists. No matter how good your eCommerce is, it may only be successful with advertising. Now we want to give some tips that give you a chance to engage more people.

Improving the visual of the product

It doesn’t matter what your eCommerce is selling; you need to work on the visuals of your product. Marketing may significantly help if you hire a professional photographer and designer to create a beautiful image. It would be nice if each position had several photos from different angles so the person could better understand the final product.

Companies should post on social networks and other content platforms with unusual pictures that engage more attention to their eCommerce website.


Personalization in effective eCommerce marketing has been gaining popularity in the past few years. So, carefully study your potential audience and create a kind of portrait of a person which gives you an understanding of the real needs. You need to collect as much data as possible about your client (gender, age, date of birth, shopping habits, financial capabilities, location, and others) and, based on this, offer those products that may interest them. Many tools and methodologies help eCommerce marketers collect the necessary data, analyze it and make the right decisions. Our specialists lend a hand you personalize your sales, which helps to stimulate people to act better.

To achieve a good result, you need to put yourself in your potential buyer’s shoes and try to guess what they are missing and what additional options you can offer to make them feel better-taken care of.

Be Consistent

Some believe any advertisement is a one-time action to engage people; they see your project and become regular customers. However, practice shows that all efforts must be consistent and logical.

Before launching a promotion, you must develop and follow a plan clearly. You need more than just ten posts and a few external links; the work must be systematic and consistent.

Sometimes companies rush from one extreme to another, but such actions often do not produce results. But, if you act logically and consistently, you can notice the effect in a few months. You should not look for simple ways; today, there are methodologies that help online stores develop, and all of them involve consistent work and fairly high financial costs.

Looking for partners

Practice shows that affiliate programs can be very effective. For example, you can negotiate interaction with transport companies. So, they place your advertisement in their branches or on the platform, and in return, you will be encouraged to order the delivery of goods through this carrier.

In addition, you create special joint promotions, such as discounts, when buying products from specific manufacturers. Such promotions give you a chance to find a new newsbreak, engage a new audience, and show that your business is flexible and wants to grow.

In pursuit of new customers, remember regular ones

Attracting new clients is less complicated than retaining existing ones. So, you should constantly keep in touch with regular customers and stimulate them in action. You create loyalty programs; for example, with every 5th purchase, delivery is free. Remarketing has already shown effectiveness, and you should take care of it.

In the end

If you want your project to be successful, marketing is essential. Although it takes quite a lot of time and requires a lot of financial resources, it gives a really good result. Marketing gives you a chance to tell many men about your business or services and encourage them to buy. With an eCommerce marketing strategy, you will be able to ensure the sustainable growth of your business.

To get a perfect result, you need to cooperate with professionals. If you start cooperation with our specialists, they are guaranteed to create a successful plan that helps grow your business and increase capital accordingly.

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